Bière de Miel - Jester King

Bière de Miel

Bière de Miel

Jester King

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Farmhouse Ale brewed, fermented, and naturally conditioned with raw, Texas wildflower honey.


 "On brewday, we added raw, Texas wildflower honey from Good Flow Honey Co. in Austin, Texas late in the boil. After the first several weeks of fermentation, we added more honey to the beer. Finally, the beer was 100% naturally refermented in bottles, kegs, and casks using more of the raw, Texas wildflower honey. In addition to the honey, Bière de Miel was brewed with Hill Country well water, malted barley, malted wheat, and hops. It is 5.8% alcohol by volume, 3.2 pH, has a finishing gravity of 1.003, and is suitable for vegetarians but not vegans."

Brewed by Jester King

  • 6.1%
  • 750ml
  • US