Blanche de Baghaven

Blanche de Baghaven

Blanche de Baghaven

Mikkeller Baghaven



Oak Fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard White Ale⁠⠀

Blend #1

Aged 12-22 Months

"Blanche de Baghaven is inspired by the soft, cloudy, spiced wheat-based beers of Belgium. What started as a very traditional base of barley and wheat was spiced generously with bitter orange peel, cumin, and coriander. It was then fermented in oak barrels with a traditional strain of yeast originating from Belgium, alongside our house yeast and bacteria.⁠⠀

What starts as a traditional Wit beer is slowly transformed by our house yeast and bacteria for 22 months in oak barrels. Blanche de Baghaven was then blended with a small portion of one-year old Danish Wild Ale to achieve a balance and complexity that compliments the base beer.⁠"

Brewed & bottled by Baghaven 

  • 7.2%
  • 750ml
  • DK