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Blenheim Cloud

Blenheim Cloud

Sour Cellars



A barrel aged blended golden sour with organic California apricots.

"With color reminiscent of a rose-hued sunset, sublime honey-like flavor, royal roots and rave reviews, the Blenheim apricot has a lot going for it."

Sour Cellars took this special and valuable apricot and transformed it in a mind blowing beer with all brightness of the fruit with a crispy and tarty finish. Fresh and citric but also funky with a sour apricot taste. Simply delicious!

Try the other 11 bottles from Sour cellar and tell us which is your favorite!  Now available in a bundle. 

Brewed & bottled by Sour Cellars

  • 6.7%
  • 750ml
  • US