Bobs Hytte T-shirt

Bobs Hytte T-shirt




Mikkellers home base of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, has a long and rich history of small pubs, bars and bodegas, the oldest of them being just over 100 years old. Bobs Hytte (previously known as Onkel Bobs Hytte, until unknown assailants stole the first five letters during a renovation of the facade) is a very classic Copenhagen style bodega founded in 1898.

The locals refer to these places as brune værtshuse - or brown bars, aptly named after the fact that the inside decor in these places a traditionally made from wood. Vesterbro is the part of Copenhagen that has the most of these legendary spots, and like it’s siblings around town, Bobs Hytte has retained the authentic feel, decor, and selection that defines them.

Get the official "BOBS HYTTE" T-shirt with the iconic awning embroidered on Organic Heavy Luxe Cotton T-shirt. On the back it has the text "Når dagen alligevel er ødelagt" printed on it. The un-official slogan which means "When the day is ruined anyway"


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