Calcium Running Cap (Unisex)

Calcium Running Cap (Unisex)

Mikkeller Running Club



Lightweight running cap in a quick drying and UV-protective material. 
Lined with a cool & dry sweat band. Adjustable velcro closure strap
Composition: 100% polyester
Size: one size, Unisex
Colour: dark blue

We are Final Gravity.

Final Gravity unites first-time athletes with elite runners, beer lovers with fashion addicts, hedonists with control freaks. All ready to do their best, make a difference, run together or on their own, give their all and - above all - have a good time.

Final Gravity is an independent running apparel brand created by Mikkeller and designers Femmes Régionales. What might seem like an unusual partnership is tied together by a diverse and inclusive mind-set, a passion for running, sharp aesthetics and attention to details.