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Saison de L’Ouvrier Cardosa

Saison de L’Ouvrier Cardosa


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Wild Farmhouse Ale with Artichoke - 2015

"This version has as its characteristic element the thistle, which is the true protagonist of the most famous Piedmontese dish: la bagna caôda.

Process: Andezeno Ivory White Thistle added during boiling, fermentation starting from wild yeasts obtained from the “spontaneous” of the LoverBeer house, fermentation and maturation of oak vats for 5/6 months, fermentation in the bottle or barrel

Inspiration: The Ales Farmhouse produced in Belgium in the Hainaut region up until the sixties which, unlike today, reached a balanced taste even through acidity. To better interpret the concept of farmhouse we isolated and used a LoverBeer home yeast.

Description: A surprising beer with bitter notes linked to the addition of vegetables, offers vegetal hints of green apple and yellow fruit in the mouth, balanced with a delicate acidity

Food pairing: Inevitable with the traditional Piedmontese dish, bagna caôda"

Love is in the air!

Brewed by Loverbeer

  • 5,8%
  • 375ml
  • IT