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Cervisiam Stout Bundle

Cervisiam Stout Bundle





Latest beers from Cervisiam Brewery in Oslo that will definitely knock you over! 

This bundle contains:

  • Pecanisher BA - Imperial Pastry Stout aged in bourbon and rye whisky barrels with pecan-aroma, caramel, chocolate and vanilla. 

  • Banana Drama - Vegan Imperial Pastry Stout brewed with real bananas, Vermont maple syrup, craft roasted coffee, bourbon vanilla and peanut-aroma. 

  • Sweet Toof - Cookie Dough and Brownie Imperial Pastry Stout - VEGAN! 

  • Creme Ghoulee - Créme Brûlée Imperial Pastry Stout.


All canned & brewed by Cervisiam Brewing.