Citrus Sin

Citrus Sin

Citrus Sin

Lost Abbey

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American Wild Ale with Blood Oranges

"Virtue is fraught with peril, with sin ever prevalent... but that’s what forgiveness is for. Introducing our latest Wild Ale, Citrus Sin. 
Maturing in our oak foeders for over a year, then transferred to freshly emptied wine barrels before being blended with a fresh blonde ale and an amazing amount of blood oranges, Citrus Sin is here to forgive your transgressions, or start the newest one. A burst of blood orange begins the journey past the first circle, followed by crisp bitterness and slight tartness from the blessed fruit, Citrus Sin finishes refreshingly dry from the Brett and oak tannins."

Brewed by Lost Abbey

  • 5.8%
  • 750ml
  • US