Comfort Blanket

Comfort Blanket

Comfort Blanket

People Like Us



Hazy Oatmeal Pale Ale 

"This collab beer is meant as a comfort blanket of a pale ale. It’s hazy and friendly, with a nice round mouthfeel and fine balance between oats and spice, but still with a light bitter and citrusy character to give it some personality (and to remind us that the world ain’t just cosy and fluffy). .
It’s ok to need your comfort blanket once in a while to recharge. Rest. Get ready for yet another day. Self care is important to be the strongest version of yourself. – As long as you always get back up. Team up. Power up your self. And work on revolutionizing the world."

Brewed & canned by People Like Us in collab w/ Earth Station

  • 4.5%
  • 330ml
  • DK