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Donkey Venom 2019

Donkey Venom 2019

Bellwoods Brewery



A barrel-aged rich, dark ale with bright levels of acidity. 

"One of the first aged sours to leave oak at Bellwoods, Donkey Venom is a complex beer that we've brewed and blended many times over the years -- constantly subject to our relentless process of refinement. At its roots it's a rich, dark ale, but the time it spends in barrels with brett and bacteria harmonizes the ingredients, yielding bright levels of acidity and complimentary fruit flavours. A hybrid style of sorts, that defies simple categorization.

A foundation of roasted malts lends aromas of chocolate, mocha, and charred wood, while the flavours are firmly rooted in tart berries, black forest cake, and subtle caramel. High, refined carbonation within a dry body. "

Brewed by Bellwoods Brewery 

  • 8.5%
  • 500ml
  • CA