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Du Hast Mich GeFrogt!

Du Hast Mich GeFrogt!

Hoppin' Frog / Freigeist Bierkultur




German-style sour dark Adambier.

"Fermented ale yeast, lager yeast and other things, a wild mix of uber-good flavors is created in this ancient German-style Sour Dark Adambier from centuries ago. Working in collaboration with our friend, historian, and brewmaster Sebastian Sauer from Freigeist Brewery in Cologne, Germany we made this old-style beer style with a wide array of German malts for a rich, authentic taste. 

Prost - Cheers!!"

Brewed and bottled by Hoppin' Frog in collab w/ Freigeist Bierkultur

  • 8.2%
  • 650ml
  • US/DE