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Golden sour aged on Cabernet Sauvignon Pomace

"Late last year, our friend Skyler of Leap of Faith Winery asked if we’d be interested in some Cabernet Sauvignon pomace. What is pomace? Pomace is the solid remains of the fruit after it has been pressed, which includes the skins, seeds, and stems. Must, on the other hand, also contains the juice.

Of course we jumped at the opportunity. These particular grapes were from the Red Hills district. The vines are 20-30 years old, planted in soil with plenty of rock and shale. The grapes fermented for 28 days before being gently pressed.

We were then able to add the pomace to a stainless tank and transfer some of our golden sour base beer (MegaTherion) onto the pressed material and let it age until the character was just right. We feel that the balanced acidity of the beer allows the delicate and complex character of the grapes to come through."

Brewed by Trve Brewing

  • 5,7%
  • 375ml
  • USA