Amager Bryghus

25,00 DKK



Amager sour with strawberries and lactose. 

"Lea Letzebuerger and Lukas Liebknecht were totally unseparable, pretty much from the age of four. Their parents were neighbors and each ran a strawberry orchard outside of Kleinheubach in Unterfranken – also known as the strawberry capital of Germany. Lea & Lukas, their only kids, were keen to help out in the strawberry fields, but judging from their sticky, red faces at the end of the day, they probably consumed as many strawberries as they handed in for sales. Lea and Lukas married in 1963 when they were both 25. A few years later both their dads died from a rare case of strawberry poisoning, and by joining up their respective inherited strawberry estates they created Germany’s biggest strawberry empire naming it “Letzebuerger & Liebknecht Erdbeeren und so weiter”. On their deathbed many years later, they admitted that the company name perhaps was a little long and complicated. The love between Lea and Lukas was only equaled by their love for strawberries. And since they were both immensely creative people, they continued to create strawberry-related products as long as they lived. Strawberry toothpaste, the whole Wimbledon strawberry and cream thing, strawberry shaped ice cubes, strawberry flavored condoms – well, you name it. If it had strawberries, it probably was thought up by Lea & Lukas. At Amager we love strawberries an awful lot too - this subtle, but oh so complex little fruit. ‘Erdbeer-Liebe’ is a tribute to both Lea & Lukas and the luscious red berry we all love so much."

Brewed & bottled by Amager Bryghus 

  • 4%
  • 330ml
  • DK