Fantôme Chocolat

Fantôme Chocolat

Fantôme Chocolat

Brasserie Fantôme



Belgian Saison brewed with Chocolate and Chili Peppers

"A Belgian ¨saison-style¨ ale brewed with cocoa powder and chili pepper? Ay, Caramba! Score another first for the unpredictable brewery that was the first -- and so far the only - brewery to make ales out of dandelions and mushrooms, among other things.

Ambrée, created in symbiosis with the local chocolate factory DEFROIMONT, reveals an original bitterness of cocoa. (8% alcohol)"

A really good one and a must to understand now a days beers. 

Brewed by Brasserie Fantôme

  • 6%
  • 330ml
  • BE