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Farmageddon 2019 Cherry

Farmageddon 2019 Cherry

Bellwoods Brewery



A barrel-aged wild ale brewed with Niagara Montmorency & Morello Cherries. 

"Farmageddon is our wild farmhouse ale that we've been brewing, blending, and aging for almost as many years as we've been open. The blending process allows us to maintain a common thread across batches, the aging adds nuanced layers, while the brett and bacteria work hard to create small idiosyncrasies in each release. It's a refined, effervescent, and delicious beer worthy of special occasions and idle weeknights.

Our 2019 edition of Cherry Farmageddon is oak aged then conditioned on 2 types of sour cherry varietals -- Montmorency and Morello -- before being primed and bottle conditioned for maximum spritz factor.

What it smells like, what it tastes like: This edition balances notes of bright berry, farmhouse funk, refined acidity, and a few subtle hits of spice, cinnamon hearts, and cherry blasters."

Brewed by Bellwoods Brewery 

  • 6.3%
  • 500ml
  • CA