Fatal Deviation

Fatal Deviation

Fatal Deviation


54,00 DKK


Imperial stout

"It’s with great pleasure that we can confirm the rumours that Fatal Deviation has returned. We live in a strange world where an adjunct-less stout free from mash tun additions of doughnuts, chocolate sauce and existential dread can raise a few eyebrows but Fatal has seemed to hit a sweet spot for folks who also enjoy stout flavoured stout.

The first time we produced Fatal Deviation we set the rule for ourselves to exclude any adjunct including brewhouse extenders like malt extracts and sugars. What we ended up having to do was a triple mash day coupled with an 8 hour boil and over 24 hours of brewhouse work to achieve such a big beer and make just a small tank.
Now with our tiny brewhouse we’ve managed to produce an even chewier, maltier update thanks to our whopper mash filter which allows us take incredibly condensed high cuts of malty wort, unachievable with traditional lautering equipment. All of this has led us to produce Fatal Deviation with a enviable 1 hour boil – leaving an incredibly complex beer where we feel we can taste all the sum of its parts even better these days.
For fans of Fatal we’ve left the recipe alone, focusing heavily of Brown Malt coffee flavours complimented by Belgian Aromatic malts subtle roast and Chocolate Malt. In staying true it’s sent to the fermenter and left the fuck alone. 100% natural spund carbonation for a beautiful tiny silk bubble and sporting a defiant complimentary silky foam we’re all brown lipped ravenous lunatics here sipping on this decadent soupy goodness.

Brewed by Whiplash Brewing

  • 10%
  • 440ml
  • IR
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