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Gift From Demeter

Gift From Demeter

Mikkeller Baghaven



 Chardonnay barrel fermented rustic danish spelt saison.

Aged for 04 months. 

"Demeter was the Greek goddess of grain, the harvest, and possibly the grape and hence wine.  Hades, god of the underworld, abducted her daughter Persephone.  Demeter asked Zeus, a brother of Hades, to return Persephone.  When Zeus refused, Demeter withheld the harvest from man until Zeus relented.  He agreed to allow Persephone’s return if she had not eaten while with Hades.  However, since Persephone had eaten 6 pomegranate seeds in the underworld, Zeus determined that she would spend 6 months with her mother and 6 months with Hades.  This is the mythic origin of the six months of spring and summer when Persephone walks the earth with her mother and the 6 months of fall and winter when Persephone must return to the underworld."

Tart fruity malts with a touch of citrus spice.

Brewed at Baghaven Barrel-room by Mikkeller

  • 6.5%
  • 750ml
  • DK