Goossens 1957-1962 lambic - Goossens

Goossens 1957-1962 lambic

Goossens 1957-1962 lambic




Have you ever heard of Goossens? Likely not. Well, we have a bottle of their lambic blend from between the period 1957-1962 for you. Story is, these bottles were found in a Belgian cellar belonging to a collector who started getting these together in 1957. The man was a “brouwer” (literally: “brewer”), which is also a Belgian colloquial term for a drink salesman who would distribute door to door. He made it a habit of amassing large quantities of lambic from Pajottenland, and it wasn’t until he passed away that his relatives found out he still had a bunch of these bottles lying around in his subterranean treasure trove. We got the last remaining few. And yes, in case you’re wondering: it’s still delicious. Obvious aging notes, but still vibrant and clean. Such an experience!


  • ???%
  • 750ml
  • BE