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White Picket Fence Peach

White Picket Fence Peach

Bellwoods Brewery



Blended Foeder Saison brewed with Peaches.

"This 2018 Ontario peach WPF variant is the reason that we had to bring in extra employees this past summer, and the culprit for our staff-wide carpal tunnel epidemic (we were dumb enough to de-pit and crush 3000ish lbs of fruit by hand). The good news is, the beers you suffer most through often turn out the best -- and this one is the bestest. Incredibly strong aromatics and flavours of fresh peach compliment an already delicious base beer. The carbonation remains front and centre, holding up the massive stonefruit notes with ease while allowing subtler brett notes to play in the background. "

Brewed by Bellwoods Brewery 

  • 5.7%
  • 500ml
  • CA