Green, Green Banshee - Amager Bryghus / Jameson

Green, Green Banshee

Green, Green Banshee

Amager Bryghus / Jameson

90,00 DKK


@In Irish mythology you’ll find the banshee wailing when somebody is about to die or another tragic incident is about to happen. However, we prefer to believe that with The Green, Green Banshee things are different. She is a friendly banshee, a positive banshee wailing only about good things. And such a good thing could be exactly this beer named after her. The Green, Green Banshee is the fruit of a collaboration between Irish whiskey makers Jameson® based in County Cork and Danish beer makers Amager Bryghus based in…well…Tårnby. When Jameson® approached us, asking if we’d like to brew a beer to mature on their freshly emptied whiskey casks we didn’t wait long to concur. So it wasn’t long before a boat came in loaded with lovely Bourbon and Sherry casks that had previously contained Jameson® Irish whiskey. We brewed a rich and potent Imperial Stout, blacker than the sky on a winter night in Castletownbere and laid it to rest for 4 months in these exact casks, soaking up the goodness of the wood and the whiskey. In the end we blended all of these casks, exactly as the original Jameson® Irish whiskey is a blend of whiskey matured in both Bourbon and Sherry casks. It took us a while getting here, but we hope it was worth the wait and that you’ll enjoy this happy marriage between Irish and Danish craftsmanship.@

- Imperial Stout
- Brewed by Amager Bryghus

  • 11%
  • 500ml
  • DK