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Hip Hops - Beer Card Game

Hip Hops - Beer Card Game

Hip Hops - Beer Card Game

Hip Hops

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Hip Hops is the collectible beer card game that is fast and easy to learn.  Simply use the different attributes of beer on each card - alcohol content, bitterness, year of introduction, hops - to beat your opponents in this strategic, fun and original new game. 2-6 players, 15-25 minutes a game, perfect for playing in the pub. 
There is a two minute video here to teach you the rules: 

Designed in London and printed in Belgium on premium playing card material. This launch deck includes a special silver-foiled edition of Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch Weasel alongside beers from the likes of WarPigs, To Øl and over 40 other breweries from around the world.

(Note, the song version of the rules is designed to be fun, there also is a simpler version of the rules here if preferred:
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