Hit and Roll

Hit and Roll

Hit and Roll

Northern Monk

70,00 DKK


- Peach IPA

- Collab Northern Monk/Dry and Bitter 

"This beer is the result of a long-overdue team up with our Danish brother, Soren of Dry & Bitter, Copenhagen. It has all of the peaches (peaches for me). For our first IPA together, we decided to accentuate the natural esters of our house yeast with 150kg of pureed peach and back it up with a subtle amount of lactose for a hint of classic 'Peaches & Cream'. For hopping, we combined the tropical notes of Citra and Denali with Simcoe and Wai-iti, both of which we have picked up stone-fruit notes from in the past."

  • 6%
  • 440ml
  • UK