Joy Ride
Joy Ride

Joy Ride

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ABV 15% Size 750ml
Country United States
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This barrel-aged confection Stout is a reflection of our affection for a particular chocolate, coconut, and almond candy bar. Unwrap and chew into thick, rich layers including roasty notes of chocolate, freshly toasted coconut, and hints of almond. This viscous, full bodied treat is quite a joy to the palate.

Stouts & Breakfast

Malty, thick body, lingering sweetness and notes of roasted coffee, cocoa, and brownie batter are what make a stout. Stouts range from very sweet to dry, either way the coffee notes in them make it the perfect breakfast beer. They are often more of a sipper and hence are a great alternative to coffee during a Sunday brunch. Pair your chicken and waffles breakfast with your stout to really bring out all the sweet and luscious characters of the beer. You won’t even realize you didn’t have a coffee since the warming nature of the high alcohol content will allow you to start the day even without the added caffeine kick.