Kongsgaard Raw Gin 2016

Kongsgaard Raw Gin 2016

Kongsgaard Raw Gin 2016


449,00 DKK


Color: Clear

Nose: Crisp apples, light juniper with a hint of citrus, notes of licorice & pine. 

Taste: The taste is very soft. You're first met by spicy apples, yet balanced by being floral and fresh with notes of ginger and galangal. The finish is long and intense with clear notes of cinnamon and ginger.

Kongsgaard Raw Gin is a handmade gin, inspired by the Nordic forests. The use of local Danish apples, changing from batch to batch, reflect and preserves the characteristics and balance of sweetness & sourness that they get from the colder Scandinavian climate. 

The distillation process takes place in the old town of Cognac in France, in traditional copper stills over open flames. The Gin's character and high quality is the result of combining the Danish way of using local and seasonal produce and handling them at a French gastronomical level. 

The unique blend of balance and complexity makes this gin enjoyable for sipping as well as in classic gin cocktails. 

Danish apples, licorice root & smokes oak are among the 11 carefully selected botanicals, which is added to a base of very soft wheat spirit, and mixed with water from the Grand Champagne region. 

  • 44%
  • 700ml
  • DK