La Ruche - Side Project

La Ruche (old)

La Ruche (old)

Side Project



"La Ruche, "The Beehive" in French, was an exciting beer to brew. Since it is a new Saison for us, we were able to use some new techniques that we’ve learned, try some new methods that we have been wanting to experiment with and ferment with a new fermentable to us. We changed up our mashing schedule and altered our grain bill in an attempt to create the softest, the airiest and the most billowy mouthfeel we could squeeze out of one of our Missouri Saisons. After our "Oudes" and "Têtes," this beer has one of the most inviting palate experiences in terms of roundness, softness and lushness. These techniques created such a positive experience on the palate, they are something that we are thinking about implementing in future batches of Saison du Blé and Bière du Pays."

  • 6%
  • 750ml
  • US