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Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs

Mikkeller Baghaven



Rustic danish shipyard ale with dandelion flowers and honey. 

Aged for 12 months 

Blend #1

In May of 2019, Baghaven staff and a dedicated group of community volunteers convened at Baghaven on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen to forage dandelion flowers from the field adjacent to the blendery.⁠

In addition to harvesting nearly 50 kg of flowers, we also had a beautiful day in the sun crafting new friendships and strengthening existing ones. ⁠

Without the dedicated help of our community members, Les Fleurs would not be possible!⁠

Les Fleus starts with a base of pilsner malt, which was enhanced with raw and malted emmer from the fields of Thy in Denmark. After boiling the wort for 90 minutes, a portion of the hot wort was pulled off and steeped for 20 minutes with the freshly harvested flowers. Early in the fermentation with our unmistakeable house yeast culture, dandelion and rapeseed honey was added bringing a complimentary honey and floral character to the base beer.⁠

Les Fleurs then spent 12 months hiding away in French Oak chardonnay barrels, developing its characteristic mild acidity, complex funkiness, and balanced minerality. It underwent natural conditioning in green 75 cL bottles to achieve its distinctive carbonation.⁠

Brewed & bottled by Mikkeller Baghaven

  • 7.4%
  • 750ml
  • DK