MC Mexican Coffee Liqueur

MC Mexican Coffee Liqueur

MC Mexican Coffee Liqueur

Copenhagen Distillery



This distinct coffee liqueur is based on organic Mexican coffee beans. The coffee beans used are a mix of two different roasts: a very light roast that lends a higher acidity, and a medium dark roast that catches the slightly bitter coffee notes. The coffee distillate is combined with cane sugar, green anise and a touch of grated organic lemon peel for a rich, bitter and slightly sweet experience.

"At Copenhagen Distillery, we believe in simplicity and balance. We pay respect to tradition, but it’s through design, experimentation and radical thinking that we propel ourselves into new and uncharted territories. From the distillation and discovery of tantalizing new flavors, to the design of the bottle, the entire experience of enjoying one of our spirits should be a pleasure for both the palate and the eye"

Watch a video from the Distillery below:

  • 24%
  • 500ml
  • DK