Migrating Eyes

Migrating Eyes

Migrating Eyes

Anchorage / Tired Hands

107,00 DKK


Ale brewed with peaches and apricots. 

"Fermented in French oak foudres with Tired Hands house saison yeast. Finished in peaches and apricots. Naturally carbonated in the bottle."

When those two big brewers come together you know that something good is about to happen and there is no doubt about it! With balanced fruity notes of peaches and apricots and a little sourness and tartiness, this beer is a complete match! Swipe right y'all!

Fruity sour, lots of apricot, balanced fruits, tart. 

Brewed & bottled by Anchorage Brewing Company in collab w/ Tired Hands

  • 8%
  • 375ml
  • US