Mikkeller Oude Gueze - Mikkeller / Boon

Mikkeller Oude Gueze

Mikkeller Oude Gueze

Mikkeller / Boon



The world premiere of the new Mikkeller Oude Gueze.

The Mikkeller oude Gueze lambic is a new unique collaboration between Mikkeller and Boon. Blending lambic from one to three years old, this blend is made in the traditional method of spontaneous fermentation in the Senne valley, Belgium. This special blend has a distinct twist being matured in oak foeders previously used for Calvados. Ideal before a meal or paired with cheese.

Made in collaboration with the beer mastermind Frank Boon

- Oude Geuze
- Brewed By Boon

  • 6,4%
  • 750ml
  • BE