Mikkeller Water Series

Mikkeller Water Series





PLEASE NOTE: BEST BEFORE Early November but still very drinkable! 

German-style Pilsner. 

Long time followers will know that we have always loved to take the exploratory and educational approach to beer. That applied to the single hop series, that featured the same base beer with different hops and the yeast series. Now, we're back with another attempt at brewing something that will highlight the small and subtle difference that comes from using water from different sources. 

While it may sound like a random choice, water is a huge part of brewing a beer, and in many cases, the water used is crucial to the end results. This time, we've chosen water from four different places, Denmark, Pacific, Czech Republic and Burton on Trent in the UK. 

Get out your notepads, it's time to see if you can pick out which water type you prefer for this beer. ..

Choose below or go for all 4:

  • German Style Pils with Pacific water

  • German Style Pils with Czech water

  • German Style Pils with Danish water

  • German Style Pils with UK water

Brewed by Mikkeller at D'Proef in Belgium

  • 5%
  • 500ml
  • DK