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Mikropolis Cocktails Bundle

Mikropolis Cocktails Bundle

Mikropolis Cocktails




Taste your way through these amazing "ready to drink" cocktails made by Mikropolis Cocktails!

This bundle contains - 

  • 1x Bloody Mary - Vodka based long drink with tomato, vegetables, smoked salt and red chillies. 

  • 1x Bourbon Lemonade - A refreshing long drink made with lemon, yuzu, ginger soda and bourbon whiskey. 

  • 1x Organic Grapefruit Spritzer - A playful take on the classic Italian Spritzer made with Junta Aperitivo soda and grapefruit. 

  • 1x Organic Lemon Verbena Gin & Tonic - Gin & tonic with lemon verbena. It’s low on sugar and high on herbs with real lemon verbena without flavouring agents. 

  • 1x Organic White Russian - Vegan White Russian. A spin on a classic made in collaboration with Naturli, using their oat drink to replace milk. Perfect creamy texture with a Rum Based Coffee liqueur and Vodka giving it plenty of complexity and depth.

  • 1x Negroni - A classic Negroni with a Mikropolis twist made with Junta Bitter Dry Gin and Sweet Vermouth. 

  • 1x Organic Rhubarb Crush - A refreshing crushable rhubarb drink made with fresh rhubarbs and vodka spiced with cocoa nibs, lemon and vanilla.

  • 1x Teeling Whiskey Highball - A classic highball, with a subtle (Not sweet) pineapple twist made with Teeling Whiskey. 

Brewed & canned by Mikropolis Cocktails 

  • 9.4%
  • 250ml
  • DK