Mr. Bundle

Mr. Bundle

Mr. Bundle

To Øl

265,00 DKK

285,00 DKK


All the new editions of the "Mr." series from our friends over at To ØL, collected in one beautiful bundle!

Mr. WhiteNew-England Style Grisette brewed with White Grapefruit and a solid amount of Wheat.

Mr. BlueImperial Berliner-Weisse brewed with Blackberries, Aronia, Acai & Blackcurrant

Mr. BrownCoffee stout matured with Cognac Oak Chips & Cedar Spirals

Mr. OrangeSour-Mashed Citra IPA brewed with Papaya, Mango, Apricot and Orange & Lemon Zest

Mr. PinkEast-Coast IPA brewed with West-Coast Beetroot

Mr. BlondeGose brewed with Vanilla, Peach & Raspberry

  • 8%
  • 6 x 500ml
  • DK