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Mr. Orange 2019

Mr. Orange 2019

To Øl



Double Dry Hopped Session IPA with Khaki Fruit, Orange Peel and re-fermented with our To Øl Instant Crush Brett. 5%

"Bringing together juicy sweetness of ripe persimmons and fragrant acidity from orange peel, this Mr. has all the flavor packed into one bright, funky & fruity Session IPA.

We made a bed of astringent polyphenolic biomolecules, using unripe Persimmons and Zesty Orange Peel – then applied our signature Brett to the mix and double Dry-hopped the result. Say hello to Mr. Orange. DDH Farmhouse Session IPA with Kaki fruit, Orange peel and re-fermented with To Øl Instant Crush Brett."

Brewed by To ØL

  • 5%
  • 330ml
  • DK