Mr. White 2019

Mr. White 2019

Mr. White 2019

To Øl



Double Dry Hopped Jasmin TeaPA. 5.5%

"A tea party like never before. Feeling classy but messy? Drunk yet elegant? The beer for when you feel like a royal, but still want to turn things up on a Friday night. A Jasmin double dry hopped Tea-PA is the elegant combination of fresh hops and aromatic tea, kept at a classy 5.5% to ensure the perfect balance.

Serve this fragrant jasmine tea party punch for up-standing citizens prior to a classical evening of profligacy and debauchery. Warm fragrant swells of jasmine blossoms meet citrusy characteristics of Citra and Amarillo hops creating a wonderful resonance to that first feeling of Spring after a long, cold winter."

Brewed by To ØL

  • 5.5%
  • 330ml
  • DK