MRC Beer Box

MRC Beer Box

Mikkeller Running Club

600,00 DKK


A new exclusive membership specially made for all of you beer runners
to stay on top of both your running and drinking game!

The membership consists of a quarterly care package supplying you with all the gear and beer you need to maintain your beer runner lifestyle! 

Value of content 1350kr - Price 600kr

Every 3rd month you'll have at least 12 beers, running merch, lotions, vouchers you name it - delivered right to your doorstep!

Payment for the first shipment is made up-front.
Eg. if you sign up in mid-June, you pay for your first box and it will be shipped out right away. Next automatic renewal will be 3 months later in mid-September.
If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time.

NB! Cannot be purchased in conjunction with other products!