Ms. Teal 2018 Edition

Ms. Teal 2018 Edition

Ms. Teal 2018 Edition

To Øl

59,00 DKK


Seaweed Gose.

"Ms. Teal brought to mind the cool sea waters that surround us here on our small island of Denmark, and the cooler,  icy climates further on the north sea. Ms. Teal is an Icelandic seaweed gose mash-up, using 5 different types of seaweed and our house pear tree Brett. Ms. Teal is sour, and savory and light bodied with citrus notes at the end and a medium finish.

Danish Pear Tree Brett and Icelandic Kelp come together in this Gose mash-up, bringing oceanic resonance to your glass; fresh, thirst-crushing and with a briny backbone."


Brewed and canned by To Øl at De Proef. 


  • 4.5%
  • 500ml
  • DK