Must Kuld El Salvador

Must Kuld El Salvador

Must Kuld El Salvador


45,00 DKK


A special version of the Must Kuld porter, brewed with a washed bourbon coffee from La Many, El Salvador

"Taste: Lashings of creamy milk chocolate coated in honeycomb and golden syrup, with a generous helping of red berries on the side providing some light acidity. Sweet caramel malt notes come through before a gentle touch of roastiness.

Appearance: Oily-black with a brief crema-like head.

Nose: Rich smooth Turkish coffee and desserts come through first - jammy coulis, think chocolate cakes, and a double espresso on the side.

Serve 12–16˚C"

Brewed by Põhjala

  • 7.8%
  • 330ml
  • EE