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Noble King

Noble King

Jester King



Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

"Noble King is one of our earliest and most favorite beers. Inspired by classics from breweries like Thiriez and De Ranke, it falls in line with our philosophy of making dry, drinkable, well attenuated hoppy beers that have a connection to local agriculture and native microflora. Noble King is about as simple, straightforward expression of place as we're capable of achieving through beer. We brew with well water and local grains, boil with noble varieties of hops, and ferment in stainless steel with our mixed culture. The result is a hoppy, bitter, dry, unspiced, well-attenuated, balanced, medium-strength farmhouse ale that we love to drink."

Batch #24 - September 2019

Brewed by Jester King.


  • 5.3%
  • 750ml
  • US