Non-alcoholic Bundle

Non-alcoholic Bundle





"Are you in the mood for a beer but want to keep your head clear? This is the perfect bundle for you!"

This bundle contains: 

Drink'in the Sun - American Style Wheat Beer 0.3%

Weird Weather - New England style low ABV IPA - 0.3%

Drink'In The Snow - Winter Ale brewed with spices.

Henry And His Science - Henry put on his science gloves and came up with his own yeast culture perfect for this low ABV Microbiologically flavoured ale. 0.3%

Kinder Series - Grapefruit  - Flemish Primitive brewed with tons of Grapefruit

Kinder Series - Xtra Grapefruit - Flemish Primitive brewed with tons and TONS of Grapefruit

Limbo Yuzu - Flemish Primitive ale brewed with Yuzu

 All brewed by Mikkeller 

  • 0%
  • 330-500ml
  • DK