Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights


44,00 DKK


Micro IPA / Table Beer.

"We use a base of German Vienna mixed with loads of Flaked Malted Oats, Wheat malt and a bit of Caramalt for body and then employ a pretty intensive mash regime to make it the chewiest, fullest body we can. From there it’s all Mosaic in the whirlpool for that soft pineapple bitterness balance before heading off for fermentation on our house New England yeast and then getting a double dry hop stage of Mosaic and Vic Secret.
What you get is an intense party of all apricots, melon, and pineapple with a fullness of body you’d reserve for a bigger beer. A much bigger beer. But at 2.8% this one’s plain cruising bringing all the party and giving you the space to enjoy another, and another beer."

Brewed by Whiplash

  • 2.8%
  • 440ml
  • IR