Øl Nagelfar

Øl Nagelfar

Øl Nagelfar

Mikkeller San Diego

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Barleywine Fit For a Viking Funeral 

“Amid this turmoil the sky will open and from it will ride the sons of Muspell.  Surtr will ride in front, and both before and behind him, there will be burning fire. His sword will be very fine. Light will shine from it more brightly than from the sun.” High continues that when the sons of Múspell ride over the bridge Bifröst it will break, and that they will continue to the field of Vígríðr. The wolf Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent will also arrive there. By then, Loki will have arrived with “all of Hel’s people”, Hrym, and all of the frost jötnar; “but Muspell’s sons will have their own battle array; it will be very bright”.

"Naglfar is, according to the Prose Edda, a ship made up of the nails of the dead which will be put at sea at Ragnarök with hordes of dead to do battle with the gods." 

Due to the warnings of the Great War of the gods Ragnarök, and having in mind that the ship of the death that was going to bring lots of dead to help in the battle was made of dead´s nails, the ancient vikings made sure tu bury or make viking funerals with the dead without its hand and toe nails. That way they believed they would delay the Ragnarök. No nails = no ship = no Ragnarök.

A minute of silence for the vikings that died in battle. Rise your glasses and shout skål!

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