Orange Gin

Orange Gin

Orange Gin

Copenhagen Distillery

399,00 DKK


Inspired by the classic, early 20th-century orange gin. Instead of mimicking the gin of the past, this gin is built on the tradition by using a mix of both sweet and bitter oranges. Combined with sweet prune, spicy long pepper, cardamom and juniper for a rich body, this Orange gin is a unique spin on a classic spirit.

"At Copenhagen Distillery, we believe in simplicity and balance. We pay respect to tradition, but it’s through design, experimentation and radical thinking that we propel ourselves into new and uncharted territories. From the distillation and discovery of tantalizing new flavors, to the design of the bottle, the entire experience of enjoying one of our spirits should be a pleasure for both the palate and the eye"

Winner of a Gold Medal at Gin Master 2017. 


Watch a video from the Distillery below:


  • 41%
  • 500ml
  • DK