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Party Like It's 1475 Pils

Party Like It's 1475 Pils





Please note! Best before is 31st of October 2020 but still smashable!

Mikkeller X Olaf Brewing Collab


Back in the day beer was better than tap water. Together with @olafbrewing we're bringing back the old traditions with Party Like It's 1475 🛡️⚔️🛡️ Olaf Brewing is based in the Lakeland of Finland in the city of Savonlinna, which is home to the Castle of St. Olaf, the oldest medieval castle in Scandinavia 🏰

The construction of the castle started in 1475 - by Danish castle builders. A long day of building would probably be followed by a long night of drinking. So we brewed a crisp and clean German pilsner, that will make castle-builders and beer drinkers all around the world very happy!

This was the second Finnish-Danish collaboration in Savonlinna - the first one being the castle, now it's the beer.
Kippis! (That’s Finnish for cheers!) 

Brewed by Olaf Brewing in collaboration with Mikkeller 

Brewed by Mustan Virran Panimo Oy, Finland


Please note! Best before is 31st of October 2020. 

  • 4.9%
  • 330ml
  • FI