Pink Guava Funk

Pink Guava Funk

Pink Guava Funk


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Sour ale with pink Guava

"There is a tale that the guava first grew from the burial site of the selfish, unloved Philippine King Barabas, a fat ruler who would delight in turning away those who came to his court begging for food, choosing instead to keep all of his kingdom’s finest food to himself.

Cursed by an old starving lady, King Barabas at first did not care. Though when he fell sick and realised he would die forgotten, his soul underwent change. And so he gave himself to his subjects, in the form of a crowned fruit that, like him, was a little sour and, also like him, was plentiful.

The locals rejoiced with this new fruit to sustain their families and celebrated in the late King Barabas, who in his passing became selfless."

A fresh guava beer with lots of funk perfect for hot weathers. Let it refresh your soul!"


Brewed by Prarie Artisan Ales  

  • 6.3%
  • 355ml
  • US