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Imperial Brown Ale with Vietnamese Coffee

There are many coffee lovers out there, but there are also many types of coffees out there. You may be used to the Arabica kind of coffee beans, but let me introduce you to the Vietnamese Coffee.

They use the Robusta kind of coffee beans, which is much bitter and sour but at the same time its a one of a kind. Vietnamese people use a more traditional way of making coffee, that's why there is a balance between strength and bitterness. They also use coffee as a social tool, so if someone tells you to go grab a coffee with them they really mean that they want to have a chat. 

NerdBrewing has developed a really interesting beer that encapsules all the Vietnamese coffees and its cultures essence. So come grab a pojo and offer it to someone you fancy!

Brewed by NerdBrewing

  • 9%
  • 330ml
  • SE