Polly 3
Polly 3

Polly 3

Size 750ml
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Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale aged in Bourbon barrels

500 bottles made - all are numbered. Congratulations on the three years Polly!

Dark brown color, oaky, bourbon and burnt sugar on the nose, a hint of licorice, woody caramel and dried fruit on the mouth.

Brewed at Mikkeller SD

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Even in a craft beer scene as concentrated as the one in San Diego, this place stands out and should be visited if you have the chance. Mikkeller SD has been a true game-changer, not only for us at Mikkeller but also for all of our locations who now suddenly have access to a plethora of amazing Mikkeller beers, brewed in the US and shipped around the world – making fresh American IPAs a common sight in Copenhagen for the first time.

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