Pretty Plums
Pretty Plums

Pretty Plums

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ABV 6.3% Size 375ml
Country Sweden
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One-year Foeder Sour refermented with foraged golden plums from just outside Stockholm. Sour, tart and complex

Wild Ales & Herring

The funky nature of the wild yeast in wild ales make them some of the most complex beers around. Notes of green apple, chalky minerality and horseblanket funk dominate the beer. Any food pairing needs to allow for the beer to shine. The food cannot overpower the wild ale but rather enhance the nuanced and balanced characters of the beer. A beetroot salad and a herring Smørrebrød are the way to go here. The sweet nature of the beetroot help ease potential tartness of the beer and the salinity in the fish stands up to the funky wild character of the beer.

Wild Ale

Wild ale is a term generally used to classify beers that are brewed using techniques akin to lambic, but that is made outside of the Pajottenland region. This means that spontaneous fermentation and a high reliance on local microflora is quintessential to the flavour components of this type of