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Queen of Passion 4-Pack

Queen of Passion 4-Pack

Queen of Passion 4-Pack

Mikkeller San Diego

280,00 kr


Queen of Passion is our latest collaboration effort between Faction Brewing in Alameda, CA and Mikkeller Brewing San Diego This beer takes our process of creating a kettle tart along with a hop forward American Pale recipe packed with Southern Passion and African Queen hops at 4 pounds per bbl.  This beer blends the profile of a tart Berliner along with a hop forward pale ale.  Aromas of grapefruit along with tropical fruits are apparent in the nose.  At first sip the soft tart notes along with a dominant hop profile create a Radler like sensation. Bright flavors of grapefruit are followed with juicy tropical notes with a soft nutty malt note appearing in the finish.  This beer will satisfy both the drinker looking for the tartness found in a Berliner Weisse style as well as the hop fiends out there.

This was inspired by Monkey Paw/Automatic collaboration Hazy Purple Tart IPA and gave us a great idea for our own tart pale concept.

- Brewed at Mikkeller SD
- Tart Pale Ale

  • 5,4%
  • 475ml
  • US