Recipe #1000 BA Chardonnay - Mikkeller

Recipe #1000 BA Chardonnay

Recipe #1000 BA Chardonnay


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Belgian Ale BA in Chardonnay barrels

Recipe # 1000 at De ‘Proef’ brouwerij just so happened to be one of ours. Ale Aged in Chardonnay barrels in no less than 1000 days.

One of a kind I would say. It has the delicacy of the Champagne but the power of the the barrel aging that results in smoky notes on the nose, ripped black fruit and raisins on the mouth and also hints of a mix of whiskey and wine. A massive YES in every sense. 

- Brewed at D'Proef in Belgium

  • 9%
  • 375ml
  • DK