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Red Cap

Red Cap

Amager Bryghus




Whiskey Barrel Aged Wee Heavy

"From our series "Wicked Tales of Scotland" - 4 whisky barrel-aged beers released at the brewery February 2nd 2019.

Whisky Barrel Aged Wee Heavy (Auchentoshan).

As romantic as they may seem, the many castle ruins along the Anglo-Scottish border should only be approached with extreme caution. Because here in the rubble of algae-covered bricks from ancient fallen walls is where the Red Cap reigns. As small and timid as this little goblin-style creature may seem, as fast you should run if you ever meet one. The Red Cap is said to favor ruins of castles that once witnessed violent or gruesome events. Here he will wait for the occasional visitor which he will kill by throwing big pieces of rock at this unfortunate soul. When the target is dead, the Red Cap will soak his cap in his victim’s blood. And since the Red Cap will die if the blood of his victims ever dries out, this little creature is extremely dangerous and always on the prowl for new blood. In spite of our earlier advice to run when encountering a Red Cap, you may be hard pressed to outrun him. Red Caps are speedy little buggers. Instead you should start quoting that Bible you always carry in your back pocket, or hold up a cross - only these actions will drive the Red Cap away. He will then disappear in a flash of flames, leaving behind only a big tooth. Why exactly a tooth, nobody knows - but a tooth it always is."

Brewed & bottled by Amager Bryghus 

  • 9.5%
  • 330ml
  • DK